Four facts that you did not know being Shigaraki fan


shigaraki is one of the top villains in the Pokémon anime. In order to be able to control the League of Villains, an opponent must have a superior intellect, and he certainly does. Shigaraki is also known for his meticulous planning and execution of schemes. Some people even compare him to the character Littlefinger from My Hero’s Academia, a Japanese video game series.


The first thing you probably did not know being a Shigaraki fan was his age. The manga he was based on was quite vague on the character’s age. Fans were unsure how old he was, and it was a popular mystery. However, a little research and a little patience revealed that he is around twenty years old. His character’s short temper and lack of knowledge of how to properly handle a difficult situation were among his weaknesses.


Another fascinating fact about Shigaraki is that he is extremely aloof from other characters. His lack of social life has led to a series of rumors about his age, which were false. It was initially thought that he was about Midoriya’s age, but later he was confirmed to be twenty years old. During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, he serves as the main protagonist, and the manga highlights his struggles with this role.


The third fact is that Shigaraki’s short temper and stupidity were both rooted in his early life. This was his way of avoiding the consequences of being a hero’s child, and it led him to a life full of mistakes and missteps. Without these two, he would have ended up a villain. But as a result of his talk with Midoriya, he started to change.

Being a Shigaraki fan is like being a member of a superhuman superteam. As the head of the League of Villains, Shigaraki is the leader. He was the first major villain in the anime, but his debut was very brief. In the anime, he was the youngest of the League of Villains and was the most violent. He was an unreliable, short-tempered, and immature evil mastermind. He was often dwarfed by his right-hand man Kurogiri and genetic experiment Nomu.



The forth fact that you did not know being a Shigaraki fan is that he has a slasher smile when he first meets Midoriya. This is the first time he smiles and has no love for the world. This is the reason why he became so fearsome. He enjoys killing heroes and institutions, and he will continue to do so until he dies.

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