Ed Fest Fabulousness


So, this weekend I’m off to the Edinbro’ Children’s Book Festival – I am nervy and excited all rolled into a pink me-shaped package right now!

I’ve been going to the Edinbro festival for the last five years now, and have spent entire days hanging out at the book fest… what I love most is being surrounded by so many people who dig books as much as I do. I always let out a huge, big happy-girl sigh when I arrive at the entrance because I know that, when I step inside, it’s like stepping into a pair of my favourite pink pajamas – comfy and familiar. Every year, after seeing lots of amazing authors share the love, I’d come home and write in my journal about how I was going to appear as an author there, and this year I really, actually am. It’s in the programme and everything!

Ed fest was on my Life List – a list of things I’m going to see, do, visit, experience and achieve in the life o’ Lisa – it’s a looooooong list, but this year I’m going to be able to tick it off – like that’s not the hugest helping of yummy awesomesauce ever! Not only is appearing at the Ed fest a total dream come true, it’s proof that when you write something down, commit it to paper and then visualise and believe in it, it can and will happen! It’s real-life magic. Fact.

What’s on your Life List right now? Care to share?

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