Follow current Japanese fashion trends to kick start your spring


Japanese fashion subcultures are becoming more and more popular outside of Japan as well as the world is going crazy for strong and bright colors, lace, bow decorations and well as elegant dresses that remind us all of royalty and Victorian times such as Lolita fashion dresses. Current Japanese fashion trends are constantly evolving and as it seems it is becoming more accepted in the mainstream fashion industry as well.

current Japanese fashion trends
current Japanese fashion trends

1. Classic Lolita fashion and current Japanese fashion trends

Lolita fashion style is probably the most popular among the current Japanese fashion trends because it actually represents a mix of several different worlds but it also stands for elegance and uniqueness because of the dresses that are mostly decorated by lace and bows as well as interesting and engaging prints that tell so many different stories. This style is suitable for people who are into gentle, pink and blue shades but also for those who are excited about wearing dark red and black gorgeous gothic dresses.

current Japanese fashion trends

Most of the Lolita fashion looks in the current Japanese fashion trends are complemented with sweet, small bags and tights with bow prints mostly. In addition, you can always get one of those cute headdresses that will make you look marvelous.

2. Welcome Ouji fashion again

As a subset of Lolita fashion style, Ouji fashion is becoming more and more popular because it is suitable for both genders and therefore, current Japanese fashion trends are welcoming it with open arms. Japanese street fashion in the form of Ouji fashion designs is amazing because it brings the best of both worlds – simple elegance for girls who are not fans of dresses and on the other hand, this fashion is ideal for boys and men who want to look handsome and elegant.

current Japanese fashion trends

Wearing pants is popular with girls and women too and that’s why a lot of them turn to Ouji look, however, tights are still there as recognizable accessories of Lolita fashion style. Then again, remember that brolita style is just as popular and that some boys enjoy trying Lolita dresses as well.

3. Bright colors

Current Japanese fashion trends are marked with very strong colors and you will see that if you take a look at Decora fashion or Harajuku fashion. Both of these fashion styles are among the most popular Japanese street fashion trends because they make you look unique and recognizable thanks to the bright colors and decorations that include hair clips, headdresses as well as bright hair colors in general.

The clothes are usually decorated with badges and wearing a lot of colorful bead necklaces and bracelets is an irresistible part of this look. These colorful outfits are mixing traditional Japanese clothing with western fashion and sending a clear message that mainstream fashion is simply not enough anymore.

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