Cleaning Tips for your Subwoofer Speaker Kits


Several parts on your subwoofer need to get cleaned to prevent them from gathering dust. A dusty subwoofer speaker is not a pleasing picture. It portrays irresponsibility on your part as the owner. No matter how much you may claim, its value might not get seen if it is not presentable to the eye. Therefore, its value might drop because of the dusty external appearance. Here is a rundown of cleaning your subwoofer speaker kits.

Accumulated dust on your speaker will affect the quality of sound produced by your subwoofers. Dust on your cable connection points will hinder the general performance of your subwoofer. With all these negative impacts of dust on your speaker, cleaning your subwoofer speaker should be a priority. You can opt to clean your subwoofer speakers at home or take them to professional vacuum cleaners at cost. These articles give you tips on cleaning your subwoofer in the comfort of your home.

Cleaning tools you will need for each part

You will need a small cloth and a brush to clean the cones and the cables on your subwoofer speaker. Ammonia will be perfect for the grills. For the exterior part of the subwoofer speaker, you will need a small micro-fiber cloth. A vacuum cleaner and a brush will sort the subwoofer box. The inner surface will require a brush.

Cleaning process

Begin with wiping the exterior with a small microfiber cloth to remove any dirt. The cloth should be dry unless on stubborn dirt that you may use a wet cloth. An ammonia-free cleaner will be a better option than using a wet cloth. A screwdriver will help you remove the grill of the subwoofer. Wipe away dirt from the subwoofer cap using a soft cloth. Ensure you take time to do the wiping gently to avoid causing harm to the cables.

You can suck any dirt particles and dust from the subwoofer’s inner surface with a vacuum cleaner.

The subwoofer instruction manual will come in handy in guiding you when dissembling the grill. Do not use water on a metallic grill to avoid causing corrosion. A spray cleaner would be perfect on metallic grills. To not put pressure on the grill when cleaning. After cleaning, put back the grill.

The subwoofer cones are made of paper, requiring gentleness when handling them.


Avoid using harsh soaps and detergents that may erode your subwoofer. Be cautious not to use excess water when cleaning. Be keen when using a wet cloth. Ensure you go through the instruction manual to understand care for each part. The manual will also provide cautions to take when handling the different parts of your subwoofer. Do not use force.

When you start the cleaning, give it a maximum concentration till the end. Avoid distractions as tiny parts like bolts.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your subwoofer at home is not only cost-effective, but it saves the hustle of transporting your subwoofer to professional and back again. Moreover, it saves you from incurring damages that may be caused during transportation. Subwoofers have very delicate cables that constant movement may cause pressure on them that will affect their effectiveness.

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