Make up

Choosing the right weaving wig for your perfect look can be a tough task considering the variety of options to choose from. For a first-time wig buyer, the moment can be very overwhelming owing to the pressure that comes with making the right choice.  

Fake Lashes for Newbies

Making Eyeliners and Lashes
Have you tried gluing false lashes to your eyes on your own? It can be a very time-consuming task. The false eyelashes are very delicate and it can be very frustrating when you place it on wrong. This means you will have to remove the glue again...
semi-permanent eyelashes
Eyelash extensions are temporary faux lashes that are applied on the natural eyelashes using semi-permanent glue. The false lashes are meant to add volume and length to your natural eyelashes. It’s quite obvious that the main reason people wear semi-permanent eyelashes is because they make them look like a Disney...

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