A Guide on How to Secure Your Headband Wig

headband human hair wigs + securing a headband wig

Headband human hair wigs are like standard wigs; however, they lack lace to mimic the hairline. This makes them easy to maintain and wear since no cutting, plucking, or gluing is needed. These wigs are those you can quickly put on and go. You wear headband wigs to cover ¾ of your head and leave out your hairline. You can also choose to pull the band to cover your head entirely, exposing no hair. Headband wigs have several textures to choose from, like curly, kinky, and straight and some are braided. We look at ways of securing a headband wig below.

How to Secure a Headband Wig

Securing any wig keeps it in place despite the movements. Headband wigs are beginner-friendly but ensuring they are properly secured is important.

1. Flatten your hair

How your natural hair looks influences the appearance of the wig. Keeping it flat ensures the wig unit is also flat. You can get mini cornrows or comb your hair back and make a tiny bun. Whichever style you’ve done to your hair, make sure the surface is even. A lumpy or bumpy surface stops the wig from going all the way down, and the chances of it falling off is high.

2. Lay your edges

Styling your edges is both fashionable and functional. Since the headband doesn’t cover your hairline, making it neat makes the overall look complete. Doing it beforehand ensures the edges are dry, and you can now put the wig on and go. The edge control gel used in the styling process helps secure the headband wig by creating a rough surface such that it doesn’t slip off.

3. Use a band, wig clips, or combs

Whether human hair or synthetic, most wigs come with a clip or a feature to attach to your natural hair. Clips or combs are found mainly at the wig front or back, but some wigs have them on the sides too. For headband wigs, fit the band first before wearing the entire wig. If the band isn’t snuggly enough, fix clips on the cap or hair for extra support.

4. Add an extra headband

Tying an additional band onto the headband wig plays more than one role. It provides extra support, keeping the wig in place, and also makes it colorful and attractive. Any wig worn without the use of glue can accidentally be pulled out. Since the headband wig already has a band, placing another on top ensures it doesn’t come off. Most of these wigs have black bands that appear bland. Adding some splash of color is definitely a good idea.

5. Create your headband

Some wigs are designed as headband wigs but lack the actual headband. Fix an elastic headband based on your head size and the amount of elasticity you want to make it secure but not tight.


Headband wigs are the perfect go-to style that requires minimal effort. Despite having bands, the elasticity level may not be ideal for you. You can still buy the wig and use the ways above to make it fit and snuggly. Always keep your hair flat for your head to enter the wig completely.

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