A Guide For When You Want To Get Your Vaping Friend A Gift


Finding the perfect gift for those we love means a lot to us especially if they really like it. If your partner’s, friend’s, or even co-worker’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get him/her we’re here to help. If they enjoy vaping, check out Hleefcig and buy them the best vaping device.

Still don’t know exactly what to get them? It’s okay, we understand. There are so many terminologies referring to vaporizers, tanks, and batteries so we know it can get quite confusing for you.

Vaping gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas that you should consider:

  • Vaping  E-cigarette

E-cigarettes are often referred to as vape pens. They come in two varieties: the open and then closed. The open e-cigarette has a clear window on the side while the closed e-cigarette doesn’t. The easiest way to differentiate between these two is by checking whether or not the tank can be unscrewed.

Pay attention to the person’s style before you buy them the e-cigarette. Do they enjoy a vintage aesthetic or would they prefer an upgraded model? If the person is just starting out on vaping, you can buy him/her a vaping starter kit which comprises of the e-cigarette, cartridge, and batteries.  

  • Vaping E-liquid

This liquid is also referred to as vape juice. It’s the liquid inside the e-cigarette that is heated and turned into a vapor that is then inhaled by the user. There are different varieties of e-liquids and in different strengths.

Find out what the person’s favorite flavor is and their preferred nicotine intake level. Ensure that you pay attention to the nicotine strength as it greatly affects a person’s vaping experience. 

E-liquids are a great gift option; vapers cannot have enough of it as they always need to add to their supply.

  • Vaping Mixing Gear

Most people have probably been stuck on the same flavor concentrate since the day they started vaping. Sometimes being this stuck up means that they don’t get to enjoy other interesting flavors out there.

That’s where the mixing gear comes in handy. Getting them a mixing gear will help them customize their vaping experience as much as possible by putting together an interesting flavor. The gear comprises of pipettes, beakers, flasks, squeeze bottles, and gloves.

  • Vaping Carrying Case

A carrying case is a great way to keep one’s vaping equipment organized, protected, and in good condition. The case can be hard, lockable, and large or vice versa. It can also have other combinations of these features but most importantly, it should be easily portable.

The person getting this as a gift will be very excited that you improved their vaping experience.

  • Vaping Extras

Just like any other electronic, the e-cigarette may break down and this means a certain part needs repair or replacement. You don’t need to get the person an entirely “whole” e-cigarette. Instead, get them a new part to replace the broken part. This option saves them the hassle of having to buy a brand new e-cigarette in such a short duration of time.

Sometimes, you can lose something important in the vaping experience such as a charger. These don’t only get spoilt but they also get misplaced. The good thing about e-cigarette chargers is that most of them are standard to it’s quite easy to find a replacement.

  • Conclusion

If by now you’re still undecided on what to get them as a gift, it would be best to just ask them directly to know exactly what they want.

Another good reason to get a loved one a vaping kit is when they show interest that they want to switch to vaping. This usually happens after someone has realized all the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Getting them an e-cigarette shows that you support their decision to start on the vaping journey. 

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