6 Steps On How To Keep Water Wave Hair Looking Wet


The wet water wavy hair look is now a common trend all over. The best thing about the wet hair appearance is that you do not have to go out to the salon to achieve that appearance. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. Also, the water wave hair is easy to use while trying to achieve wet hair. So, if you wish to learn how to keep water wave hair looking wet, here are the simple steps.

Simple steps on how to keep water wave hair looking wet

1. Wet your water wave hair with a lot of water

To achieve the wet water wave hair look, this is the most important step of all. If you miss this step, attaining the wet look can be challenging. Therefore, to activate the curly or wavy pattern, would it help if you saturated your hair with a lot of water. The saturated hair can be attained by dipping your hair in a basin or bucket full of water, or you can take a bath and make sure to saturate the hair with water. Saturated hair means that your water wave hair does not just need to be damp but so filled with water that it is dripping.

2. Separate the water wave hair

The second step involves separating the water wave hair into either four or six sections as you wish. After you have gotten your sections right, the next thing is to moisturize.

3. Moisturize your hair

The next step you need to do is moisturize each of the four or six-section by applying a moisturizer. The key point to note at this step is that you should not limit the amount of moisturizer you use. Therefore, ensure that you coat the sections with a lot of moisturizers. There are many moisturizers in the market; ensure you get one that is most suitable for you.

4. Oil your hair

After you are done with moisturizing, the next step involves oiling your hair. Note, it would be best if you gently oiled each of the four or six hair sections.

5. Brushing the four or six sections

The water wave hair should still be dripping wet at this step. Therefore, the step involves brushing each of the four or six sections. The brushing should be done carefully without having to separate the hair.

6. Air drying the water wave hair

The last step involves air-drying the water wave hair. Therefore, after brushing each of the four or five sections, you need to place the dripping wet water wave hair on a wig stand. The purpose of placing the water wave hair on a wig stand is to let it air dry. Furthermore, the key point to note at this last step is not to touch the hair while it’s drying. Once it is dry, separate the water wave hair with your fingers, and you will have a fabulous wet water wave hair look.


The popularity of the wet water wave look is growing. The best thing about achieving a fantastic look is that you do not have to visit the salon. You can attain the look by yourself. Therefore, following the above steps will help guide you in achieving the wet water wave hair look.

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